Insurance Inspection British Columbia

WETT Inspection British Columbia

You need to have the equipment examined by an inspector who is qualified to evaluate wood energy technology transfer (WETT) elements. Most insurance companies require WETT certified inspections before they issue coverage, and we can take care of it for you while we’re examining the rest of the property. Even if you’re just looking to make a change to your existing system, we can perform WETT certified inspectionsto verify your code compliance, so you’re protected in the event of an incident.

wett inspection

Renovation or New Build Progress Inspection British Columbia

Thermal Imaging Inspection British Columbia

Thermal Imaging is included in every inspection. Thermal Imaging uses infra-red technology to perform a scan of all surface temperatures. This can be very useful for finding problems in a home, even when no visible clues exist. This may include moisture leaks, electrical hot spots, missing insulation, and HVAC deficiencies (covered vents, leaks at in-floor heating, etc.).

thermal imaging